A Heart From A Child

Why did they break my things?
And break my toys?
I lost a lot of my stuff
We threw it all in the garbage
We also got rid of our clothes
We beg from our neighbours for clothing to wear
The food we eat smells like gas
We don’t want to get rid of our clothes
Even though they smell like gas
Only if you’d smell our clothing
Let the Isrelis come and smell our clothes
And see our home
Whenever we to take a shower
or do anything at home
the smell of gas suffocates us to death
Come and look at my clothes
Smell them…it’s gas
What can I do?
I didn’t even get to enjoy the sunglasses that my dad gave to me
Even the bracelet and necklace that my mom gave to me
I didn’t even get to enjoy my rings
How am I supposed to enjoy
All of my belongings
Enjoy our things with what?

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